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ماژول دیکودر فایل های MP3 با قابلیت خواندن دیتا از طریق MICRO SD و USB

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یک ماژول پخش فایل های MP3 که توانایی خواندن فایل ها از طریق درگاه USB و MICRO SD را دارد. این ماژول دارای 4 کلید جهت کار با فایل های MP3، خروجی صوتی با جک 3.5 میلی متر و کانکتور KF-300 می باشد. تغذیه ماژول 3.7 تا 5.5 ولت می باشد و می توان آن را از طریق کانکتور MINI USB موجود روی برد تامین کرد.

 mp3 lossless decoding board amplifier module mp3 decoder mp3 decoder TF card U disk player

Module Highlights:

● super quality, onboard 2W mono amplifier (5V supply up to 3W) directly connected to the speaker (Recommended with 4Ω 3W speakers), 3.5mm gold plated headphone jack can be connected to headphones or an external sound.

● with MicroUSB power supply interface, the use of mobile power supply or USB charger powered via phone lines, may also be 3.7V lithium battery, USB 5V power supply.

● Support TF card (memory card in your phone), U disk playback mode.

● with speaker terminals without soldering for easy wiring.

● modular design easy modification.

product description:

1) Support MP3 format, on the power play automatically when playing red LED status updates.

2) U disk support (tested 32G), TF card (tested 16G) Play mode; the default power mode TF card, TF card is not present if the automatic jump to U disk mode, and both devices have installed, you can manually set the play mode, details key instructions.

3) can be adjusted up and down buttons to switch tracks, volume + -, pause / play, mode switching, details key instructions.

4) may be the key settings "single / whole song" cycle, the default power cycle the whole song, press the "Repeat" button to replace the circulation mode

Key Instructions

"Prev / V--" button: "Press" for the switch "on a" song, "long press" is "volume Decrease"

"Next / v ++" button: "Press" for the switch "next song" Song, "long press" is "volume increment"

"P / P / Mode" button: "Press" for the "Play / Pause" switch, "long press" U-disk, TF card "pattern"

"Repeat" button: "Press" for the "single / whole song" to cycle (no long press function)

Note: 1. "long press" for about 2S

2. If you use U disk mode, it is recommended 5V power supply, and some U disk does not support 3.7V power supply.

Product Specifications

Power range: 3.7 ~ 5.5V

Size: 45mm * 36mm

Exquisite two-layer board design, a large copper, stable and reliable.

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