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ماژول ساخت پاوربانک دارای خروجی USB و 5V و 1A-2.1A

مناسب برای منابع تغذیه قابل حمل که ازباتری های lithium 18650 استفاده می کنند

جزییات بیشتر

This PCB also support charging the battery, simply supply a 5V micro USB source to the charging input and it will charge the connected battery to 4.2V.
Great for mobile power source using Lithium ion batteries (unprotected is also ok).
Connect multiple batteries to the battery input to increase the capacity power capacity.
With iphone recognition circuit, can charge iPhone.

Protection Circuit:
Overcharge protection: 4.3V
Overcharge protection release: 4.1V
Overdischarge protection: 2.9V
Overdischarge protection release: 3V

1. Charging Input: 5V 1A.
2. Input Interface : Micro USB female port.
3. Discharge Output: 5V 1A.
4. Output Interface: Standard USB female port.
5. Indicator Light:

<1> Charging: Red.
<2> Charged : Green.
<3> Load : Blue.
6. Applicable Scope Of Battery:

<1> Polymer lithium battery.
<2> 18650 lithium batteries.
<3> Cell phone batteries for 3.7V standard lithium battery.
7. Unavailable Battery:

<1> Dry battery.
<2> Accumulator.
<3> 1.2V rechargeable batteries.
<4> Nickel-metal hydride batteries.
<5> Lithium polymer batteries.
<6> Iron lithium polymer lithium battery.
8. Currently the chip directly support IPHONE and other equipment needed for cell phone charging charging discrimination.
9. Lithium battery protection board , anti- overcharge and over discharge.
10.Dimension: 50*20*10MM.
11.Transient current: 180uA

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