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شارژر باتری های لیتیومی با رابط Micro USB و نشانگر LED

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با این ماژول می توانید باتری های لیتیومی را شارژ کنید. همان طور که در تصویر می بینید ماژول تغذیه  5 ولتی خود را از طریق سوکت USB تامین می کند و همچنین می توانید از پین های کناری سوکت جهت اعمال ولتاژ استفاده کنید. شارژر دارای دو نشانگر LED جهت نشان دادن شارژ و شارژ کامل است.


Charging method: Linear charge
Charging current: Up to1A (adjustable)
Charging precision: 1.5%
Input voltage: 4.5V to 5.5V
Full charge pressure: 4.2V
Charging indicator: Blue Light Charging Red full charge
Input Interface: mini USB
Operating Temperature: -10 ° C to +85 ° C
Can you reverse – NO
External dimensions: 25 * 19 * 10mm

This module uses a very sophisticated charging chip TP4056 Or TC4056 external circuit is simple, and good protection performance, high precision charging.
This module is fully mechanical automatic processing, the SMD parts manufacturing, each module will test before shipment, high reliability.
This module current self-regulation, as long as you change the fixed resistor in the circuit board, you can change the output caused 100mA-1000mA, very convenient.

This module is used for single-cell lithium or multi-section parallel lithium rechargeable battery, charging port to take power from the USB or pins.
Test current ammeter can only be connected in series with the 5V input of the charge sheet.
Charging current best to be 0.37C of the battery capacity, which is the capacity of 0.37 times, such as the 1000mAH battery charging current 400 this is enough. Too fast charge effect poor, rushed over battery voltage out more!
Charging connector wire can not be too small and too long. This connection resistance. Too fine red over battery voltage out.
Connected to the battery best good contact. Or red over battery voltage out.
If input volt over 5V, such as 5.2 or 5.5, will result in less than 1000mA charging current, this is normal. High voltage chip the fever will automatically reduce the charging current, not to chip burned. About 60 degrees in the work, the chip heat is normal. After all, the charging current is large.
Input reverse the chip has no effect, but the output (battery terminal) the reverse will burn chip, please note that.

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