محصول جدید

ماژول جی.پی.اس بسیار دقیق دارای 48 کانال ردیابی با آنتن و کابل

جزییات بیشتر

1,200,000 ریال بدون مالیات.

افزودن به علاقه مندی

GPS module with SIRF-IV chip. Built-in LVTTL output and RS232C level converter. It is possible to display the current location in real time without linking to the Internet by linking GPS-compatible map software, making it ideal for outdoor position measurement combined with a notebook PC.

◆Main specifications
・Built-in RS232C level converter
・Communication conditions: 9600bps, 8, N, 1
・NMEA-0183(V3.01) WGS-84
・Power supply: DC3.3~6V
・Indicator: 1 red LED x 1, satellite captured Then, it blinks about every 1 second (lights off immediately after turning on the power).
6-pin connection cable included

* The dielectric antenna of the main unit has been adjusted for the best reception. Do not touch it as it looks like a scratch because it is a mark of this trimming.

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