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Bluetooth Audio Module


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پخش کننده بلوتوثی 12V - پنلی MP3 پشتیبانی از MICRO-SD و USB با ریموت

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Bluetooth Audio Module MP3 WMA Player MP3 decoder with Board Module w/SD Card Slot/USB 2.0 Port/FM/Remote Display (7-12V)

Support outside signal switch directly. Support USB, SD The input voltage: (7-12 v)

  • Support bluetooth (Bluetooth3.0EDR) (paired with the phone can be achieved after a good music radio)
  • panel + remote control decoder board Remote control (without the battery)
  • Support power-off memory function: memory before power play songs and volume.
  • Support FAT16, FAT32 file system. Support MP1 Layer3, MP2 Layer3, MP3 Layer3 version of the song. Supports 32-320kbps MP3 songs

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