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ماژول شارژر باتری لیتیومی 3 سل 8A

مدل HX-3S-D02

جزییات بیشتر

Model: HX-3S-D02
Overcharge voltage range: 4.25-4.35v ± 0.05v
Size: 53 * 16 * 4.0mm
Over discharge voltage range: 2.3-3.0v ± 0.05v
Maximum operating current: 9A
Operating temperature: -40 — +50 ℃
Maximum instantaneous current: 10-13A
Storage conditions: -40– +80 ℃
Quiescent current: less than 50uA Effective life: more than 30,000 hours
Internal resistance: less than 150mΩ
Short circuit protection: protection, delay self-recovery.

Note 1: strictly according to Figure wiring 0V (B -), 3.7V (B1), 7.4V (B2), 11.1V (B +), do not deliberately short circuit!
Note 2: connected to the line after the need to charge the first activation, will have output.
Note 3: When connecting three groups of batteries, please ensure that the voltage of each group of batteries, if not the same, please fill each battery separately and then use in series. The The Discharge test, the voltage drop the fastest battery that group is poor battery.

For some of the poor basis of electronic customers to explain: Do not put a good battery and poor battery mixed with the use of three groups of battery capacity / resistance closer to the better! (2 good battery +1 a poor battery use effect = 3 poor battery use effect).

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