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The tester is stable and easy to use which can automatically read out the accurate data, and is suitable for electronic enthusiasts, electronic developers, designers, and electronic repair. It can measure all kinds of resistance, capacitance, inductance, two tubes,transistors, SCR, MOS field effect tube; can determine the device type, polar, pin output HFE,threshold voltage, the junction capacitance of the field effect tube. It is particularly suitable for transistor pairing and hybrid surface mount component identification, is the best partner of amateur DIYer.

1.Using Atmega328 chipset, stronger function.
2. Using 12864LCD diagram to display, visual information content.
3.Using 6F22 9V battery to power, easy and more cheaper.
4.Using active block IC, testing more conveniently and quickly.
5.Liquid crystal with backlight, normal testing at dark environment.
6.Pin hole sequence recognition automatically , fool type testing.
7.The key device used by high precision, to ensure the test precision.
8. Standby current is only 20na, the standby time is long.;
9.Support late automatic calibration, and ensure the accuracy.
10. Single button operation, quick and convenient.

Main Function:(New add function: Boot automatic detection function)
1. One key to boot, one key test, automatic recognition device type, automatic switching range, automatically shut down after the test.
2. Shutdown standby current minimum is only 20na, ultra long standby, the standby power consumption can be ignored, and can be used in battery powered.
3. Automatic detecting the PNP and NPN type bipolar transistor, N, P channel MOSEFT, JEFT, two level pipe, dual two stage tube, thyristor SCR (SCR), three
tubes, resistors, capacitors (electric discharge  must be done first before measurement of capacitance), the capacitance ESR value
4. Automatic detect pin layout and given a label according to the actual sequence.
5. The threshold voltage and current measurement of bipolar transistor amplifying coefficient and the emitter junction leakage current, ICE.
6 Darlington transistor can be through the high threshold voltage and high current amplification factor identification.
7. The bipolar transistor, MOSFET protection and detection two tubes and the forward voltage drop Uf. 
8. To detect threshold voltage VT of MOSFET and measure the gate capacitance value C.
9. Detection and transistor and MOSFET protection class two tube magnification and the determination of the base data, to confirm emitter transistor the forward voltage 
10. Support two resistance measurement at same time and symbol display, a maximum of four digit display. The display of resistance symbol two end  is the tester probe number connection (1-3).  So the adjustable potentiometer can also be measured (if the potentiometer to adjust to its end, the tester can not distinguish the middle and both ends of the pin)
11. The resistance measurement resolution is 0.1 ohms, the highest measurement value is  50M ohms.
12. The highest four digit display-capacitor capacitance value range from 25pf (clock 8M Hz clock, 50pf@1MHz) to 100mF. The resolution can reach 1pF (@8MHz clock).
13 Measure the capacitance the capacitor equivalent series resistance of the 2UF numerical above (ESR) ,the resolution is 0.01 ohms and display two digit numerical.
14. Display right direction signs of two two level , and display the forward voltage drop.
15. LED detection is two level pipe, flashes continuously several times during the testing, double emitting two tubes detected as the double diode.
16. It can test the zener diode, if the reverse breakdown voltage is lower than 4.5V it shows two pieces diodes, and it can be confirmed by the voltage. The probe around the diode symbol is the same,in this case, you can identify the diode true anode by the threshold voltage at 700mV more or less!
17.It can measure the single diode reverse capacitance values. Bipolar transistor also can be measured, and then must be connected with the base and collector or emitter.
18.The connection of the whole bridgerequires can be measured only one time.
19. The maximum of capacitor test is 1000000uf, the best testing range is 0.2nF~7000uF, if the test value is below the 25pf capacitor, and a diode in parallel manner or at least 25pf shunt capacitor. After get the measured results, then use it to minus parallel capacitor solute.
20. The inductance test range: 0.01mH~20H, more than 20H, less than 2100 ohm resistance could be identified as inductance, the measurement results show only a single inductor, and display the inductance value.
21. The test time is about two seconds, large capacitance and inductance measurement time will be extended as the actual value.
22. Automatic shutdown, after the test it has been show test results about 3 seconds, then shut down.
23. It can be extended fixture after testing device, this fixture needs self DIY or purchase it.

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